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Startseite » 26/04/2023 PRESS RELEASE

26/04/2023 PRESS RELEASE

    Green Hydrogen Technology and Quantron form strategic partnership to expand hydrogen supply to transportation sector

    • The aim of the cooperation is the reliable local supply of heavy-duty trucks with green fuel.
    • Quantron-as-a-Service offers holistic solutions for zero-emission logistics, which in the future will also be supplied with green hydrogen from GHT-technology.
    • GHT technology enables the decentralized production of green hydrogen and makes it available wherever it is needed.
    • Both companies will support one another in project development and thereby accelerate the transition to zero-emission logistics.

    Augsburg, April 26, 2023 – Green Hydrogen Technology and Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transport, have agreed on a strategic partnership for the further development of hydrogen supply. The companies intend to jointly expand the local supply network for zero-emission operation of trucks and buses and ensure the availability of green hydrogen for this mobility sector. Quantron offers Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS), a holistic concept for the operation of zero-emission vehicle fleets. It supplies vehicles with climate-friendly fuel cell propulsion for freight and passenger transport, while at the same time ensuring the provision of the fuel required for this purpose. The innovative process developed by GHT for the production of green hydrogen enables decentralized production without the need for costly infrastructure. In the future, both companies will support each other in the development of their respective projects in order to accelerate the transition to zero-emission logistics.

    “Energy transition is a team sport. We are pleased to have Quantron as a great partner to decarbonize the transportation sector,” said Robert Nave, CEO of GHT. “Our technology allows for the economic production of green hydrogen – and with such production capacities that it can be used to power many QaaS trucks in the future. At the same time, GHT production plants can be supplied with these trucks in a climate-neutral manner. This is how we envision a circular economy.” Among other things, the production facilities are suitable for hydrogen production at industrial plants, waste disposal companies and energy suppliers – and thus at logistically advantageous locations for the transportation sector.

    “We are pleased to contribute to the decarbonization of the transportation sector through our cooperation with Quantron,” says Robert Nave, CEO of Green Hydrogen Technology GmbH. “Our technology allows the economic production of green hydrogen – exactly where the energy carrier is needed.”

    Green Hydrogren Technology has developed an innovative technology that can produce green hydrogen from locally available, cost-free raw materials. The process converts sewage sludge as well as plastic and wood waste into the emission-free energy carrier and requires no costly infrastructure. The production plants are designed for a production capacity of around 4,500 tons of H2 per year each. Currently, the company, founded in 2020, is operating a pilot plant on an industrial scale to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the process.